Kicking off the fall season, the October real estate market in Coronado held strong with the September numbers. Both months finished up with 19 homes sold.  As we head into the winter season, a traditionally slower season nationally, we are confident that Coronado homes will continue to move. In short, there is always less supply than our ever-increasing demand on the island.

Of the 19 homes, two sold in the Cays and two in the shores, leaving the bulk majority of 15 homes coming from the Village. The entire island saw 12 single-family residences, five condos and two townhomes sell. 

The Cays homes ranged from $1 million to just under $2 million. The Shores had a bigger variance, with one home selling for $725,000 and the other going for $3,150,000. Both were condos. As expected, the homes in the village included a large price range as well. The range included sold prices from $695,000 to $3,900,000. Homes in the village included condos, townhomes and single-family residences.

Here is the breakdown by area and home type:




October marks the fifth month in our ParkLife Monthly Roundup series. By sharing the numbers we want to give you the best insights to our unique real estate market. Newcomers to our slice of paradise in particular often exhibit confusion at the variances in how homes are priced. Rather than focusing on square footage of a home, the main factors influencing pricing boil down to location, lot size and curb appeal. If you’re curious about those, check out our post outlining pricing in Coronado.

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