Jumping into spring, the Coronado real estate market is still humming along vibrantly. In a month dominated by spring break and family getaways, the island still saw 24 homes close. This is just a slight dip from the 28 homes that closed in February.

The breakdown by neighborhood goes 14 homes in the Village, four homes in the Shores, and six in the Cays. In the Village we saw four condos and 10 single-family residences come off the market. Prices ranged drastically, starting at $695,000 and going up to $4.3 million. Even with the Shores condos, you can see a wide range of prices starting at $895,000 and rising to $3.4 million. The Cays saw an even split between single-family residences and condos, with the sale price starting at $848,000 and capping at $2.4 million.

Here is a breakdown of each home by neighborhood:



The strong kick off to 2017 points to signs that the market will heat up as summer months near. If you’ve been looking to take advantage of the island lifestyle or been waiting to list your home, now is a good time to get in before the summer gets in full swing.

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