Between the different architectural influences and the historic residences, the term “typical” doesn’t apply to Coronado homes. Our homes represent this unique palette of diversity and elegance. 

That being said, we want to break up the regions of Coronado so prospective homebuyers can get a good lay of the land. While every home has its own charm and flavor, the zoning requirements create an appearance of similar home types in different areas.



This zoning map can be found here. 

R-1A - Single Family Homes

For families moving to Coronado (or up in home), your R-1A lots are the most desirable on the island. Here you find the largest homes. Zoning states that these lots cannot be smaller than 5,200sq feet.

It’s not uncommon to find a buyer looking specifically for an R-1A lot regardless of house appeal. The reality is that many homeowners want to secure the largest lot size available, and then do an extensive remodel down the road.

Side note: 

R-1A(CC-1) and the other R-1A extensions are sub categories within the R-1A group. They will have different classifications but still fall under the R-1A specifications. For example, R-1A(CC-1) is the County Club indication. Most of the homes in this zone are 7,500sq feet.

R-1B – The Lot Divided

R-1B lots are your single-family homes with a twist. Any 50ft lot can be divided into two 25ft lots. This is a 3500sq foot lot. As opposed to the R-1A counterparts, this zone tends to house a stretch of long tall narrows (LTN’s). There are still an occasional few 50ft lots in the zone, but a large majority of lots have been split into two. 

Pros and cons of R-1B: A smaller lot creates a more affordable home. On the other hand, the homes will be closer together. Luckily, Coronado is a welcoming community where knowing your neighbors is a signature novelty.

R-3 & R-4

These zones indicate apartments and town homes. Here you will find the highest density on the island. The trade-off for diagonal parking and higher density is proximity to schools and a more affordable price tag.

There is a huge demand in Coronado for your R-3 lots. Developers have made a large play here, purchasing in Q1-2 and selling in Q3-4. To date, it’s been a very lucrative move.

The other area with a high demand is cloud condominiums, a relatively new development in Coronado Real Estate. About 10 years ago, Tony Falletta perfected the art of the cloud condominiums, or a front home with a back home. What used to be two apartments on a 25ft lot now becomes two homes both on the ground floor. One home is in the front; the other is in the back.

These homes can only be built in zone R-3 and R-4. The demand for these homes is so high that it’s unusual for one to even fully hit the market. Typically they are already sold by that point.

If you are looking to purchase one of these cloud condos, it’s essential to have a strong game plan with a realtor.


And, there you have it. Coronado home types in a nutshell. As you know, Coronado real estate is never completely back and white. The zoning is about as close as you get to defining Coronado home types.

If you are looking to move to paradise or planning on upgrading soon, let one of our agents help you. Together we can help move your family into the perfect home type for your new Coronado lifestyle.