July 29, 2015

Why Coronado has the Best Vacation Rentals in the United States

Every year Coronado hosts hundreds, if not thousands, of vacationers. Many of these guests enjoy the unique opportunity to rent out one of our esteemed vacation rentals. These fully furnished and completely charming homes capture the entire essence of SoCal luxury beach living.

In short, they are the final touch to your ultimate beach getaway.

What always amazes us is how far in advance these vacation rentals book up. Many families secure their next year booking prior to leaving. Others lock in their summer time escape in early fall of the prior year.

So why are so many families eager to book Coronado for their escape? Here are a few of the reasons why we think Coronado makes the best vacation rental location in the United States:


Beaches. Perfect year-round temperatures. Safe community to let the kids run free. 

What more could you want in a vacation setting? That’s only naming a few of the mesmerizing aspects of the island. We also have water sports, beach cruisers, beach lounging, historic tours and good eats.

Coronado celebrates the iconic Southern California lifestyle, quietly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of San Diego. This allows vacationers to enjoy the alluring peaceful serenity the island offers.

While Coronado makes the perfect destination year round, the summer season is the ultimate small town experience. Our annual summer events will delight your entire family. 

Here are some annual summer highlights:


See the full story on what makes Coronado living so special.

Family Oriented

It’s not uncommon for entire families to reside in Coronado for some R&R. Although more often than not, that rest and relaxation turns into playtime at the beach.

We’re not talking about your typical mom, dad and the kiddos. We mean multi generation families. Every year we see sets of grandparents rent out larger homes. They invite their children, and of course grandchildren, to join them. Then, they spend the month enjoying quality time with the entire family.

As a home to a strong family oriented community, Coronado is a perfect location for young families. We have summer camps, swimming lessons and entire library programs dedicated to entertain, and educate, your youngsters.  

Safe Community

Solely by the nature of island seclusion, Coronado is incredibly safe. To add to that, as a community we take pride in how safe our city is. So many of us either have kids growing up here or have already raised our children here. We all want to maintain the ability to let our kids play at the park without worrying.

Long-Term Rentals

As we’ve suggested, Coronado is very popular. If we didn’t put some boundaries around rental homes, the entire community would resemble the punch line of a bad reality TV show. No one here wants to live in a constant Spring Break atmosphere.

To maintain all that makes this community wonderful, Coronado enacted a 26-day minimum rental period. We’ve found that long-term renters are more committed to preserving all that keeps Coronado charming. In the long term, this benefits everyone. 


When it comes time to plan out next year’s extended getaway, consider Coronado. Within minutes of arriving, you will be enchanted by everything this community has to offer. Make sure to start your planning early, though. Some rentals book out a year in advance!

Ensure you have a quality renting experience by working with our elite property management team. They will find the perfect property for you and your family, as well as manage all the details. You, on the other hand, can spend your time planning out your family activities.



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