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We hope you enjoy our Park Life blog.  We will cover topics related to Coronado real estate as well as living here in Coronado.  We are so fortunate to live and work here Coronado and we are happy to share it with you.

Nov. 17, 2017

ParkLife's 6th Annual Holiday Decorating Contest - Submit Your Entry By December 12th

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. After Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it. That means that the 6th annual ParkLife Holiday Decorating Contest is nearly here. 


 It’s officially the season to start planning your decorations!

Residents will be invited to submit their entry before December 12th. Typically, home styles fall into three different decorating categories: traditional, unique, or extravagant. With a wide variety of entries each holiday season, we're excited to see entries this year. Winners will be selected based on a community-wide vote. The more community support you garner, the better your chances.

To celebrate the winner’s success, we will be putting together an extravagant prize package for 1st place. This year’s prize will be a “Coronado Local” gift basket valued at over $250. That’s a lot of great reasons to get decorating.


2017 Time Frame:

Submission Period: November 27th-December 12th

Voting Period: December 13th-19th

Winner Announced: December 20th


How to Enter:

Email a photo of your decorated home to by 5:00pm on December 12th.


Contest Rules:

While we love the vibrant internal decorations, the contest is limited to decorations you can view from outside the home. After that, let your creative juices flow! Tinsel on the top of the house, the Grinch tiptoeing around the chimney, the three wise men on the front lawn. However you decide to make your house sparkle this holiday season is up to you.



Come December 12th, we will post all of the submissions to the ParkLife Facebook page. The home with the most “likes” by 5:00pm on December 20th will be declared the winner. All sharing, promoting, and encouraging of friends to vote is welcome. The more friends invited to the festivities, the better.

So after November 23rd, once the turkey has settled, let the decorating begin! 

We will announce the winner on December 20th. Stay tuned for the brilliant displays that will dot the island. It’s one of the many things that make living in Coronado so spectacular.

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Nov. 17, 2017

Parklife October Roundup

The month of October brought a sea of pumpkins, candy corn and a plethora of giddy trick-or-treaters to our doors. They weren’t the only ones visiting new homes this season. In the midst of the festive spirit, the real estate market kept humming along as 22 families closed on their new houses. 

Following national trends, the Coronado market slowed down after the strong numbers over the summer. That said, it’s still moving at a good pace with just two homes shy of what we saw in September.

Surprisingly the Village stayed on par with last month, closing 17 homes. The five condos and one townhome ranged between $615k and $1.4 million. The eleven single-family residences came in between $1.4 and $4.8 million. 

Here is a breakdown of each home by neighborhood:

Don’t be fooled. Just because the market is slowing down doesn’t mean you can’t find your dream home or list your Coronado home to sell quickly. Because of the appeal of our island lifestyle and the limited house supply, our real estate market stays alive all year long.

If you’re looking to change things up, give our team at Parklife Real Estate a call. As Coronado residents, we understand the nuances of our competitive island market and can help position you price your home to sell or create a strong buyer’s strategy.   

Contact us today for all your real estate needs.

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Nov. 10, 2017

ParkLife September Roundup

September real estate in Coronado followed national trends last month as it slowed down. While we’re down from the strong summer months’ numbers, the market is nowhere near hibernation. The fall month saw 24 homes close, a strong showing for an off market in a community our size.

The Village came through as the powerhouse with 17 residences closing. Of the total, six were condos, one was a townhome and a whopping 10 were single-family homes. Condo prices ranged from $665k to $808k. The townhome sold for $1.1 million and the single-family residences ranged from $1 million to $8.9 million.

The Cays and Shores came in close in volume of homes moving last month. Two townhomes and one condo closed in the Cays, with four condos closing in the Shores. Prices in the Cays ranged between $885k and $999k. The condos in the Shores varied between $1.2 million and $2.4 million.

Here is a breakdown of each home by neighborhood:


Give us a call at ParkLife Real Estate today to make your Coronado dreams a reality.  Each month we work with families on both sides of the aisle. From identifying the best price point to list your home at to creating a strategy to buy in a competitive market, we are the go to experts for the Coronado market.

Contact us today for all your real estate needs.

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Sept. 20, 2017

ParkLife August Roundup


August proved to be yet another strong month for Coronado real estate. Sticking with the same volume as July, we saw 33 residences close, wrapping up the official summer season. This ties July and August for the strongest months of the year. Despite school starting again, we know that the Coronado market enjoys veering from national norms and we expect the market to stay fairly strong as 2017 wraps up. 

As always, the Village proved to be the most popular with 22 residences closing. 4 were condos, 17 were single-family residences and 1 was a townhouse. Prices ranged from $755k to $5.7 million.

The surprise market was the Cays who moved nine homes. The 3 condos, 5 single family homes and 1 townhouse ranged from $624k to $2.9 million. Finally, the Shores closed 2 condos at $660k and $925k.

 Here’s a breakdown of each home by neighborhood:

Where things will be interesting is to see how strong the market remains as we transition into the slower months. With real estate markets heating up across the country, we imagine that Coronado’s market will retain steam throughout the winter, although most likely not hitting the high numbers we saw over the summer. The island market is poised to stay competitive due to the high demands and limited volume of homes. In short, Coronado’s quintessential island lifestyle, safe neighborhoods, beach proximity and renown school system appeal to many families.

If you’ve been considering making the jump to island life or are looking to transition to a home that better matches your lifestyle, connect with one of our team members today. As the largest boutique agency on the island, we specialize in everything Coronado real estate. 

Give us a call at ParkLife Real Estate today to make your Coronado dreams a reality. 


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July 10, 2017

ParkLife June Roundup


June was a great month for real estate in Coronado! With 32 homes closing, a jump from May’s final count, June was officially the strongest month so far this year. That is on the heels of an upward trend for the last several months. 

As in previous months, the Village has been the hottest market, moving 21 residences last month. 15 were single-family homes ranging between $875k and $7 million. 7 were condos with sales prices between $750k and $2.4 million. Next came the Shores with 7 condos closing between $945k and $2.4 million. The Cays sold 4 total, with three single-family residences between $980k and $1.8 million and a condo for $930k. No townhomes sold last month.

Here is a breakdown of each home by neighborhood:


If the market continues on the upward trajectory, which is consistent with past summers, July will outperform June with August coming in even stronger. If you’ve been thinking about getting into a new island home or are looking to put yours on the market, now is the time to do it. 

Due to the finer nuances of the island market, combined with a shortage of inventory compared to demand, Coronado differs from neighboring markets. That’s why it’s essential to partner with a local realtor you can trust. At ParkLife Real Estate, we have an entire team of local agents specializing in Island real estate. They can help give you an edge in this competitive market. 

Give us a call at ParkLife Real Estate today to make your Coronado dreams a reality. 

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June 21, 2017

ParkLife May Roundup


We are officially in the summer real estate season! That means more homes moving on and off the market. May closed 27 homes on the island, jumping up from April’s numbers. As with most months, the Village represented the largest percentage of homes sold, coming in at 16. This was comprised of 13 single-family residences and three condos. Prices ranged from $728k to $2.7 million.

Next we had the Cays with 6 homes closing, two condos and four single-family residences. Prices ranged from $875k to $2.7 million. The smallest share of the closings went to the Shores with five homes. They were all condos, ranging from $915k to $2.6 million. No townhomes sold last month. 

Here is a breakdown of each home by neighborhood:



We anticipate these numbers to stay strong, as well as possibly increase, throughout the summer since it’s traditionally the most popular real estate season. With that in mind, Coronado does enjoy deviating from “traditional” real estate philosophies. Due to the high demand, lack of inventory and island charm, many of the customary pricing structures go out the window. Many times, buyers value location over square footage, which reflects in a price. 

Because of the finer nuances of Coronado real estate, it’s essential to partner with an agent who specializes in our area. At ParkLife Real Estate, all of our agents know this market like the back of their hands. Regardless of whether you are selling or buying, they work with you to achieve your goals.

Give us a call at ParkLife Real Estate today to make your Coronado dreams a reality. 

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May 10, 2017

ParkLife April Roundup


April proved to be another strong real estate month for Coronado. Dipping only slightly from March’s 24 homes sold, we saw 20 homes close last month. With the summer season rapidly approaching, the nation’s most popular house hunting time, it’s not a surprise for interest to slightly taper off in the spring. With that said, we are anticipating a hot summer! 

Of course, we only mean the real estate market. Marking the epitome of perfect weather, it rarely goes too far above the mid 70’s in Coronado.

As the strongest market, the Village saw ten homes close. Eight of the houses were single-family residences with one condo and townhouse each. The Cays had increased interest in April, closing seven properties. It was a fairly even split with two condos, two townhouses and three single-family residences. Both neighborhoods saw prices range from $800,000–$4.7 million, with the majority in the one million dollar price range. The Shores had two condos close with one at $728,000 and the other at $1.7 million.

Here is a breakdown of each home by neighborhood:



If you’re looking to take advantage of a strong real estate market, give us a call at ParkLife Real Estate. We specialize in the Coronado Island market. While it may not seem important to work with a brokerage that specializes in a single region, when it comes to the Coronado market, local expertise plays a huge role in the ultimate success of your housing pursuits. This applies to both sellers and buyers.

Our market varies drastically from neighboring San Diego, as well as other markets in the nation. The reason boils down to one major reason: limited land. In short, we have more demand than houses. This creates a unique dynamic for pricing, as well as increases competition.

If you want to make a strong first showing on the Coronado market, partner with the agents at Coronado’s largest boutique agency.

Contact us today.

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April 10, 2017

ParkLife March Roundup


Jumping into spring, the Coronado real estate market is still humming along vibrantly. In a month dominated by spring break and family getaways, the island still saw 24 homes close. This is just a slight dip from the 28 homes that closed in February.

The breakdown by neighborhood goes 14 homes in the Village, four homes in the Shores, and six in the Cays. In the Village we saw four condos and 10 single-family residences come off the market. Prices ranged drastically, starting at $695,000 and going up to $4.3 million. Even with the Shores condos, you can see a wide range of prices starting at $895,000 and rising to $3.4 million. The Cays saw an even split between single-family residences and condos, with the sale price starting at $848,000 and capping at $2.4 million.

Here is a breakdown of each home by neighborhood:



The strong kick off to 2017 points to signs that the market will heat up as summer months near. If you’ve been looking to take advantage of the island lifestyle or been waiting to list your home, now is a good time to get in before the summer gets in full swing.

For your Coronado real estate needs, consider partnering with us at ParkLife Real Estate. All of our agents specialize in our local market. It’s important to have that local expertise because the market here on the island varies so drastically from national and even regional trends.

Contact us today.


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Feb. 27, 2017

ParkLife January and February Roundup


Coming off of a great 2016, the real estate market started off slower in January. We saw thirteen homes close on the island. Come February, the market roared back to life. The shortest month of the year more than doubled final sales from the previous month, finishing out with 28 homes sold.

Combined, the first two months of the year welcomed 41 new homeowners to the island.

Single-family homes made up the majority with 23 closings, followed by sixteen condos and one townhome. In the Village, the 23 sold homes ranged from $700,000 to just over $4 million. The nine Cays homes ranged from $860,000 to $2.8 million. For the Shores, the nine condos final pricing came in between $730,000 and $2.4 million.



Considering that December is typically a slow month with the holiday season in full swing, having thirteen closings in January is actually a good sign. February’s strong showing continues our optimism for a vibrant 2017 real estate market in Coronado.

If our island follows national trends, these numbers will continue to heat up as summer nears. 

If you’ve been thinking about making the transition to our ideal island lifestyle, connect with our team of Coronado experts. Each of our skilled team members can help you navigate the nuances of a unique real estate market. If you’re thinking of listing your home, partner with the largest boutique real estate agency on the island. At ParkLife Real Estate, we know how to list your home to move quickly.

Contact us today.


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Jan. 27, 2017

ParkLife December Real Estate Roundup


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 100 times. Coronado defies typical market trends. Reviewing the December ParkLife Monthly Roundup only further solidifies this fact. In the dead of winter, a season across the nation that remains stagnate, island real estate closings increased from November, maintaining comparable numbers from the summer season. In total, 25 properties closed last month. 

Granted, it makes sense that real estate continues strong into the winter. We barely dipped below 60 degrees the entire month. Our mild winters with ample sunshine are envied around the nation. 

Five properties in the Cays closed last month, which included one condo, three single-family homes and one townhome. The majority of prices ranged from $960,000 to $2,120,000, with one of the single-family homes closing for $8,850,000. The Shores saw four condos sell, with prices ranging between $950,000 and $2,550,000. The Village was the most popular neighborhood with 16 properties closing last moth. That comprised of four condos and four single-family residences ranging in price from $545,000 to $3,795,000. 



Partway through last year we started the ParkLife Monthly Roundup in order to keep you in the know with the real estate market in Coronado. We are thrilled to continue this tradition into the New Year, giving you the best look into the inner workings of our unique real estate market. 

If you’re ready to move from the sidelines into the game and take the first step to owning in Coronado, step up in home or launch the next phase of your life, we are the real estate team for you. All of our agents specialize in the Coronado market, giving you the best competitive edge to find your ideal home. 

Contact our team today.


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